Susan Willdig

For golfers only (but a must-see for them)

I was disappointed to find that the film has very little Scottish scenery. The opening sequence is great, a view of the coast and the sea, and then there is a very dramatic beginning. But after that it's mainly close-ups of the main protagonists and golf, golf, golf. I think the film must have been made on a very small budget, because history tells us that hundreds or even thousands of people watched these two 19th-century golfers, old Tom Morris and young Tom Morris, "the founders of the modern game", but in the film the biggest crowd was about 20!!! There is some interesting sociological stuff in the class system but it remains a bit abstract because we never get in the minds of the "gentlemen" (the rich people betting on the golfers), who remain thoroughly two-dimensional. The two heroes are reasonably well-portrayed and there is a tragic, true (more or less) story in there but without better camera work (more scenery), more extras (more people!!!) and better music (didn't even notice the music!!!) , I fear this film will only be of interest to keen golfers. For such people, though, definitely worth seeing to discover how golf was back then and the huge contribution made by the Morrises, father and son.

Publicada a 25-07-2017 por Susan Willdig